Gist: How To Write An Essay | Guidelines & Steps

What is an Essay? – An essay is a piece of writing that exhibits views and opinion. It also can be defined as a writing piece that discusses a subject. Essay writing is an interesting form of writing. Writing an essay is not as hard as writing a book. it is a complicated process and an interesting one.

William Shakespeare said, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” A sword is known for its brute and ability to maim a human being quickly and ferociously yet it is not as powerful as a pen which, on the other hand, symbolizes writing. Shakespeare words hint that writing is as powerful as the word ‘power’. Suffice it to say, Essay writing as a part of writing is a significant form of influence.

To write a good, detailed and efficient essay, to make essay writing as easy as counting from one to five;

Here Are Helpful Tips On How To Write An Essay:

  1. Outline the points: Essay writing can be made easier if essential keywords and points are put in black and white on a rough piece of paper before writing. This will help to build and familiarize with the essay topic. Pont-listing helps to retain information. It aids retention. Studies have found it that it is healthy to write out information every now and then because the human brain may become jam-packed at times. Outlining points can help to ensure a fast, quick and productive inspiration while writing an essay. Good Analysis and proper scrutiny is another factor that point-listing can awaken. Looking at the points in a written form help to jog the memory through inconsistencies and to evaluate the options. Due to the seasoned observation, a good essay writing is inevitable.
  1. Explain Intelligently and succinctly: No one likes to be bored. Boredom fosters hate energy amongst other shoddy things. An unintelligent essay is a bad one. It disinterest readers. In the case of an examination, the examiner will be disinterested in reading through a boring essay which leaves the student at the hands of failure. A brilliant essay, on the other hand, brings admiration and praise to the essayist. A good explanation is the first step in winning an argument. A well-detailed essay is a good one. It is also a good move to be concise in writing an essay. Brief and well-explained words get to the brain faster than tortured. To write a good essay, seasoned explanation and pithiness is a deciding factor.
  2. Develop the essay topic: “Think outside the box” is a truism many students of English find hard to comprehend. The ability to make things up is very rare. Being creative is a special ability. It is an appreciative skillset that metamorphoses into greatness. “Composing” and “making up” are words synonymous to an essay. Essay writing is a scientific form of art. A developed essay is like a well-oiled machine. A good essay needs to consist of creative and interesting mechanisms such as proverbs, clichés, figures of speech, idioms e.t.c.
  3. Avoid Digression: “Hit the nail on the head” is popular among idioms because it is a golden rule that pontificates truthfulness, honesty, and uprightness. A good essay is a straightforward one. Essay writing is one form of writing that detest irrelevancies. It is true that artfulness is to be employed whilst writing an essay. Digression from the point is forbidden in an essay. It makes the essayist look like a clown or an unserious type. The use of Irrelevancies in an essay is a big form of wrongdoing because it makes the piece boring, obsolete and distasteful. It also makes the essay uninteresting. Irrelevancies make an essay a vehicle with no tires. The objective illustration makes a good essay.


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